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New Half Round Design with Lighter Weight - April 11,2019

Based on the feedback we’ve received from several customers, we tasked our Engineering group to redesign our Half Round Trailer to reduce its weight, which would make it more attractive to end users focused on payload.

We are pleased to announce that our Engineering team has been successful in its task and has reduced the weight of the trailer by an estimated 800 pounds.

This new Triple Axle Half Round is a new design.  The weight reduction goal was achieved by using new tools and new ideas generated from our team brainstorming sessions.  One of our new tools is an updated version of the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software.  Using the FEA software, we have determined that this new design meets, and in many areas exceeds, our minimum acceptable safe limits for operation. 

Based on this, we expect this new design will perform as expected and should hold-up very well for our customers and their end users, while giving the end users more payload opportunities.

The designs are complete and we will be ready to take orders for this new trailer no later than the end of April, if not before.

If you have any questions, please contact your CTS sales person.



Organizational Changes effective February 11, 2019

As we continue to lay the foundation for our future and to improve our customer responsiveness and our competitiveness, I am pleased to announce two changes in our management team:

First, after leading our Operations team for the past seven years, Patrick Nenninger will now be our Product and Process Manager.  In this newly created role, Patrick’s knowledge of our trailers and our processes combined with his ability to communicate with our customers will allow him to play a key role as we look to not only grow but in making our trailers easier to manufacture.  Patrick will also be listening to our customers and helping us make the design changes necessary to react to our customer’s needs.  The end result will be that our trailers will be more competitive in the market and support the growth strategy we have in place and more importantly, that of our customers.

Second, in order for Patrick to succeed in his new role, we have hired Michael (Mike) Pulley to be our new Plant Manager.  All Production, Engineering and Purchasing team members will report to him.  Mike brings to us over thirty years of engineering and plant management experience in the very competitive automotive industry, where he was trained and implemented Lean Manufacturing and Toyota Production Systems in several plants, resulting in improved operating performance and both customer and team member satisfaction.  I am looking forward to Mike challenging our current manufacturing methods and working with Patrick as we further our Continuous Improvement strategy.

 Patrick and Mike will both report directly to me as we build on the solid customer service and quality reputation that we have.

Thank you for your continued support of our company and I look forward to our mutual success.

Please remember to check our website periodically for product announcements and other news.

Thomas F. Collins, President



Organizational Changes effective July 30, 2018

As we prepare for the future, we are pleased to announce two changes in our management team:
First, after leading the CTS team for the past seven years, Jim Bearrows will now be the Territory Sales Manager maintaining and developing our relationships on the East Coast.  This will allow Jim to be closer to his family in the Raleigh, NC area and continue to play an integral part of our growth plans.  Having a presence on the East Coast should also help us provide improved customer service and interaction with our customers in this area.
Second, I am excited to have joined CTS as its new President.  With over thirty years of financial and operational experience, the past eleven as President of a very successful metal fabrication company, I am looking forward to leading the CTS team as we build on the solid customer service and quality reputation that we have in the marketplace by implementing a Continuous Improvement mindset in all areas of the company.
Thank you for helping CTS become the company it is today and I look forward to your continued support as we work to make CTS stronger company focused on customer service and our employees.

Thomas F. Collins, President