Road Paving

You build the roads we all drive every day. Our trailers will ensure the job gets done right!

Rock Master Quarter Frame End Dump Trailer


Standard Trailer Specifications

Dimensions 24' Length x 102" Width x 48" Side Height
Lighting Standard LED Lighting
King Pin/Coupler Height 18" / 49"
Color White, Black or Grey
Hoist 8", 5 Stage, Inverted Trunnion Mount
Tub 1/4" AR 450 Wear Plate
Nose & Gate 3/16" AR 450 Wear Plate
Axles 25,000lb. 5" Tubular , 5/8" Wall
Suspension 50,000lb.Single Pont. Keeps 8 Tires on the Ground
Tires/Wheels 11R x 24.5 16 Ply Radials / 10 Hole Hub Piloted Steel
Fenders Rear Aluminum Bolt-On
Ladders Front and Rear
Paint High-Gloss, Reverse Impact, UV-Protectant, Rust-Inhibiting
Tailgate Air-Operated Hi-Lift, Integrated Mud Flaps


Trailer Options

  • Triple Axles 
  • Front & Rear Lift Axle
  • Asphalt Aprons
  • Front Fenders
  • Numerous Tarps
  • Safety Locks
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Lengths, Side Heights
  • Spreader Chains
  • Numerous Wheels & Tires
  • Cab Kit
  • Tire Carrier
  • Double Hinge Tailgate
  • Additional Options Available Upon Request


Half Round Volume Capacity (Water Level)

Line Drawings

Standard Half Round END DUMP