Side Dumps

The Side Master™ side dump is an incredibly versatile trailer that can haul a wide range of materials including construction materials, rip rap and dirt. The side dump is uniquely equipped to dump over barriers at construction sites. The Side Master™ is also capable of emptying the load while in transit causing the load to spread over a specific distance. By removing the center divider, material is allowed to flow smoothly out of the tub and it’s possible to haul elongated material like trees and poles. The electric flip tarp, a common option added to the side dump, features a lock out mechanism that won’t permit the tub to dump if the tarp is in the closed position.


Standard Trailer Specifications

Dimensions 39.5’ Length x 102” Width x 41” Side Height
Lighting Standard LED Lighting
King Pin/Coupler Height 18" / 49"
Color White, Black or Grey
Hoist Two 5" Cylinders, Greasable Ends
Tub 1/4" AR 450 Wear Plate
Tub Ends 3/16" AR 450 Wear Plate
Suspension 50,000lb. 4-Spring Tandem
Tires/Wheels 11R x 24.5 16 Ply Radials / 10 Hole Hub Piloted Steel
Paint High-Gloss, Reverse Impact, UV-Protectant, Rust-Inhibiting
Fenders Front and Rear Aluminum
Center Braces Exterior Only (Open Tub Design)
Axles 25,000lb. 5" Tubular , 5/8" Wall
Capacity 23 Cubic Yards (Water Level) 


Trailer Options

  • Air Ride Suspension
  • Triple Axles 
  • Custom Colors
  • 2-Speed Landing Gear
  • Multiple Electrip Flip Tarps
  • Train Configurations
  • Lift Axle
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • And More!


Side Dump Volume Capacity (Water Level)

Standard 39.5' Length x 102" Width x 41" Side Height
23 Cubic Yards

Line Drawings

Standard Side Dump