End Dumps

Rock Master™ Quarter Frame End Dump Trailer

The Sand Master™ lightweight end dump trailer is perfectly equipped to handle your sand and small aggregate needs. Most competitors’ trailers of this design require a liner in the bottom of the tub. This is not so with our lightweight end dump! Because the floor, nose and gate are made from AR 450 wear plate material, our trailer doesn’t require the liner. The three-piece tub design of the lightweight end dump is constructed of full-length sides and floor that provides great strength for the trailer. By designing this trailer without the need of a doghouse, material is allowed to flow smoothly with no obstruction. As with all our end dump trailers, the lightweight end dump features the single point suspension that keeps all eight tires on the ground during the dump cycle.

The Rock Master™ half round end dump trailer is one of the most versatile trailers we manufacture. The half round can haul a variety of materials including dirt, gravel and rip rap. When equipped with a quarter frame and spreader apron, the half round is also an excellent dump trailer for hauling asphalt. Because our half round can be configured so many different ways, it can be used in metropolitan areas as well as gravel pits and quarries. The half round end dump trailer also features a 1/4″ AR 450 tub to withstand the constant impact the work requires. The single point suspension always keeps all eight tires on the ground during the dump cycle. The high-lift tailgate ensures the tailgate does not obstruct with material in the tub.

If you’re looking for a trailer with a high capacity that can handle the toughest jobs, the Scrap Master™ elliptical end dump trailer is the trailer you’re looking for! Not only is our Scrap Master™ elliptical trailer perfectly suited for scrap metal, but it can also handle construction material, rip rap and large boulders. The elliptical end dump features a 1/4″ AR 450 tub that can withstand constant use. Our unique barn door style tailgate features a rotating rear mud flap and door that sits flush with tub so there’s no obstruction with the ground at the end of the dump cycle. The Scrap Master™ is also equipped with a single point suspension that keeps all eight tires on the ground during the entire dump cycle.

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